Abigail Ratchford Spilling Out In Skin Tight Dress

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bill-swift - June 25, 2016

I appreciate the honest sextastic that is my Pennsylvania common law wife Abigail Ratchford. There's no pretending that her enormous funbags aren't the keystone to the entire alluring female form. No pretend that those jugs of happiness aren't the best foot forward for this exceptionally noteworthy brunette model and social media starlet. 

Abigail can't just hit the town in any old smock and flowing skirt. No, this and all occasions call for a low cut skin tight dress. Anything less would be far too informal. Also, a crime, if I were the sheriff. I mean, officially versus the fake badge I carry that says "funbag inspector". It's not a job for every man though every man wants the job. Every girl needs a tight little revealing cleavage spilling dress. Abigail Ratchford has twenty of them. That's why she's awesome. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash