Abigail Ratchford And Chantel Jeffries Spilling Cleavage At Bootsy Bellows

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bill-swift - March 31, 2016

A chance to see the model ladies of our photographic dreams out and about in the real world, well, the Hollywood real world, is always quite a treat. Such it was as my common law Pennsylvania wife Abigail Ratchford of the bountiful brunette Ratchfords and Chantel Jeffries made their way out to Bootsy Bellows nightclub in outfits so low cut, they were almost illegal. Or completely legal and mandatory under my own version of governance. Those major league puppies weren't designed to be covered. Let your funbags shine shine shine.

There's something to be said for the lovely young ladies who are super obvious in revealing their mammarial treats. That thing is, thank you. The world is that much brighter thanks to the heavenly cleavage light of ladies like Abigail and Chantel who rev our motors with just their manner of dress and display. Let the motorboating fantasies being. And may they never ever end. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash