Abigail Breslin Goes Skintight and Braless at Movie Premiere

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bill-swift - December 19, 2013

Despite her still tender years, now long time actress and teen becoming heartthrob, Abigail Breslin decided it was best to leave the undergarments behind as she slipped into a rather mature gown for the L.A. premiere of August: Osage County. To say she stunned the paparazzi is a bit of an understatement.

When a teen hits the red carpet looking like Abigail, complete with headlights flashing, everybody gets a little bit nervously frenzied. I suppose that was Abigail's point. She's a rather clever minx. And in about five months, we can stop beating around the bush and give a more robust definition of her robustness. But, for now, we shall remain above the fray, waiting for Abigail to come sell cookies at our door. Enjoy.