Abi Clarke Boobtastic Baring Workout Return

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bill-swift - June 26, 2017

If you got it, flaunt it. Also work it out at the gym. Nobody rides for free. 

TOWIE star and person who we accept as reality show gifting thanks to deep cleavetastic and bottomside peeks on the regular, Abi Clarke, came back from an evening workout in a sports bra barely containing her healthy sized mams and stretch pants bottoms, as has become the signature siren's booty call of most every girl at the gym these days. You know I always keep in my nightly prayers the inventor of the fabric and the fact that this somehow became socially acceptable for sextastic women to wear yoga pants as pants in public. We used to have to climb into air ducts to see these views.

Abi Clarke, like her American counterparts, is doing her best to capitalize on her curvaceous body and her reality show traction. The competition is fierce. Hence the work outs and the supplemental sizing. If you don't think the Kardashians changed the entire face of social ladies entertainment, you are, well, wrong. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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