Abby McGrew, a.k.a. Mrs. Eli Manning, Bikini Pictures Form a Post Pattern to My Heart

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bill-swift - April 4, 2012

This week we've been featuring the hot wives and daughters of some A-list celebrities, because, well, we like low hanging fruit, especially when those fruits are dressed in skimpy things.

Such is the case with the delightfully MILFtastic Abby McGrew, Eli Manning's college sweetheart turned wife and baby mama. Abby put on the briefest of bikini shows in Miami yesterday on a family vacation, not so brief that we couldn't capture a few images of the Super Bowl MVP's hottie wife and relatively new MILF in her blue bikini.

Invasive? Yes, but, look, if you want to make an omelette, well, you know... Enjoy.