Abby Champion Daisy Dukes Day At The Beach

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bill-swift - November 4, 2016

I don't like to check these things out too often because I get insanely jealous, but I think Southern belle young model Abby Champion is still dating Patrick Scwhwarzenegger, and whatever he's doing now that his dad has taken to spending much more time with the son he made by the maid than his own male model boy. So goes llife. Resting on the hotness of Abby Champion isn't such a bad way to forget about your paternal lamentations. Who wouldn't make that trade?

Abby Champion seems to not be doing that school thing anymore and often found at the beach on the West Coast near her beau, including frequent bathing suit and bikini reveals along the sandy shores. What with the intemperent below 80-degree weather this week in Los Angeles, she had to cover up more than we would ever want, but still the chance to ogle her fine athletic co-ed legs in her Daisy Dukes. She's a young woman proud of her body. We're not that young gentleman oglers proud of our ability to incessantly leer at hot young women. We're a perfect match. More Abby Champion please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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