Abbey Clancy Bikini Pictures Show Off Such a Superfine Woman, I Wish I Was Her Paddle Board

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bill-swift - June 10, 2014

In my next life, I'm coming back as the paddle board Abbey Clancy favors with her wet, hot, bikini clad body. Or maybe her bikini. Or just her husband. Something or somebody that gets to be intimately close to this stunning lingerie model, TV personality, and hottie WAG.

Abbey continues her multi bikini vacation in Maui, causing necks to strain along the beach and male orcas to get painful swelling in their nether regions out in the warm waters offshore. Abbey is such an underrated hottie, I wish I could hold her hand as we went on a publicity tour around the world raising the awareness level of her sextastic. Naturally, she'd be nekkid to help expedite the campaign. Or one of these killer bikinis that seem to have been dropped down from heaven just for Abbey to wear. Enjoy.