A Year Without Lindsay Lohan

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bill-swift - October 13, 2006

All you Lindsay Lohan haters out there may finally be getting your wish. It seems that Lindsay has become so "exhausted" from her "work" schedule, that she intends to take a year off and travel, reports to

I might take a vacation - take a year off. I want to travel and learn more about other cultures. The more I've grown up, the more I want to do that.

While part of me would be really happy not to hear about Lindsay Lohan for a whole year, another part of me, the part that wants to get more traffic to this blog, wouldn't be that happy. So, I'm torn.

Of course, if Lindsay's "sabbatical" turns out to be anything like when Paris Hilton "retired", I'm sure we'll be seeing way more of Lindsay Lohan than anyone wants.

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