A Virtual Reality Sex Suit Is A Thing

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michael-garcia - April 8, 2016

Japan is an interesting place. They are both on the forefront of technology and sexy weirdness. I'm pretty sure that the robot uprising will begin in Japan. But instead of worker slave robots like in most sci-fi scenarios I think it's probably going to be sex droids. That's because pretty soon that's all there is going to be in that country. Having sex with a human will be considered weird. With that in mind they have come up with the virtual reality sex suit. It's exactly what it sounds like. It's a special suit that stimulates your entire body while a mechanism lets you touch fake boobs while a mechanical arm masturbates you with a fake vagina. Meanwhile, you are watching sexy scenes with a virtual reality headset. I don't know about you, but I don't trust some mechanical robot to touch my penis. They don't know their own strength and could rip your pecker off.

Am I just boring? That I am ok with having sex with living women and can masturbate myself, thank you very much? Maybe I'm just old fashioned. 

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