A Sucker for Kink? Fetish Lollipops for Those Who Dare

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bill-swift - October 29, 2013

Whoever said candy were only for babies obviously hasn't heard of these Fetish Lollipops. These pops are all sorts of kinky. They're called Sucker and they'll draw you in at first sight, especially if you're into kinky stuff.

Sucker is available in a bunch of varieties, including Trinity, Abuse, Mr. Pain (ouch!), Twins, and Asus.  They're all modeled after sex toys, in case you can' tell. Clearly, they're not supposed to go in your mouth...

But before you search for the purchase link, here's the bad news: they're currently unavailable. They were conceptualized by FIRMA, a creative agency who explains that the product is meant for 'adult girls and boys who have no shame.' I don't think that's it, though. I think it's for adults who just want to have a bit of fun while they can.

Check It Out: Sucker Pops

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