a stuntman died on Expendables 2

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editor - October 28, 2011

An unidentified stuntman was killed during a planned explosion while filming the now ironically themed 'Expendables 2' yesterday in Bulgaria. This awesome Bulgarian newspaper has the poorly translated details (note: if you read it like Borat, the story becomes less sad).

A foreigner who performed stunts during the filming of the sequel to hit Hollywood action "The Expendables" has died on set in Bulgaria.
Two other stunt performers have been injured in a incident at a water reservoir at the town of Elin Pelin, outside of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, that took place Thursday night.
The incident occurred while filming a stunt with a fake bomb explosion in a rubber boat in the water reservoir.
bTV said the incident with the stunt performers has been confirmed by the authorities, with unofficial reports saying the movie for which the stunts were performed is "The Expendables 2"

If I were that guy I would still want them to use the footage. He gave his life for this stupid movie and now he's not even gonna be in it. It reminds me of this show I saw during shark week that said sharks will sometimes bite someones arm off or something and then spit it out because they don't like the way we taste. Really, asshole? That was my arm, I needed that, I don't think it's too much to ask that you actually eat it. Sharks can be real dicks.