A Roundup Of The Most Scandalous Stuff From Shauna Sexton, Ben Affleck’s Playboy Side Piece

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aldo-vallon - August 21, 2018

It is amazing how simply adding an A to a name can completely change how a person perceives it. The name Shaun does nothing for. I have known plenty of people named Shaun in my life, not that I am trying to brag, but not one of them had been able to give me a boner. But if you turn a Shaun into a Shauna, with no surgery being required, then it becomes one of the top ten sexiest names in the English language.

To be fair, I have never met a Shauna in real life, but I have seen some on the internet and I must say, I am impressed with what I see. If Shaunas keep on producing this level of talent then they could quickly make it into the top five of sexiest names. I think the Alexandrias have been getting a little complacent since they have been sitting up there for so long. They forgot that it takes more than just sharing a name with Alexander the Great to remain sexy. If I didn’t have so much respect for that man I would have booted them out a long time ago.

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