A Little Love for Our Friend Tila Tequila Tonight

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bill-swift - March 7, 2012

A little love tonight for our friend Tila Tequila. Whatever can be said about Tila, it can not be said that she has ever once said 'no' to us when we asked her to help us out.

Whether she has been working with us, on Howard Stern, or various other media outlets from her extensive Twitter following to crazy-ass live or televised events, Tila says 'yes' to things you'd never get 99% of Hollywood agreeing to and she does it with a wicked real laugh.

A daring girl can get herself into lots of trouble and even some bad shit like where Tila finds herself this past week, but the planet is still far better off for their presence. IMHO. Be well, Tila.

If you're interested in the details on Tila's condition, they're available at our breaking news partner site, TMZ.com