A ‘Legend of Zelda’ Tribute for Robin Williams? Get On This, Nintendo

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chris-littlechild - August 19, 2014

Ah, Robin Williams. What the hell will the world do without you? Whether you were inadvertently setting your fake boobs aflame in Mrs. Doubtfire, making your awesome old Firebird fly with Flubber, or sassing just about every bastard in your stand-up, you entertained us all.

There's no greater legacy to leave behind than, ‘y'know, I think a little pee came out.' And that's worth celebrating, right there.

Nintendoholics seem to agree. As you may know, our ol' buddy Robin was a balls-out Legend of Zelda aficionado, even naming his daughter Zelda. She is, unsurprisingly, a regular in Nintendo commercials, and also presents parts of E3 and such. But then that's like naming your daughter Crystal Chandelier and wondering why she's grown up to be a stripper or a porn star.

Anywho, yes. A petition for Williams to be immortalised in the game series has reached Nintendo. Bolstered with other 100,000 signatures, it reads:
‘...there's a new Zelda game on the horizon. A bold reinvention, a fresh new open-world adventure for Wii U. I would like to suggest that... Nintendo of America... name one of the characters ‘Robin' in his memory. He won't get to play it, but he'll live on forever in a universe he always loved.'

Nintendo's response was PRtastically inconclusive (‘We will not be discussing what might be possible for future games during this difficult time, but we will hold our memories of Robin close'), but that's just the odd kind of acknowledgement he would have appreciated.

Via Kotaku.

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