A Hobbit Home Made Completely Out of Balloon Seems Like a Good Use of One’s Time (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 9, 2012

If you're not familiar with the Balloon Guy, then you're probably like 99.9% of the rest of the world. But, I've got to say, this is one modern artist whose work I can actually understand and appreciate. Just because I go out on dates to gallery openings and nod my head with my glass of cheap white wine in a plastic cup doesn't mean I comprehend anything I'm looking at, it just means I like to go to bed with classy art chicks.

But the time-lapse video of above is pretty impressive as the Balloon Guy transforms his family's entertainment room (which I'm sure his wife was okay with) into Bilbo's little Hobbit home. And incase you were worried it took him too long to do this, don't. It was only 40 hours of time with 2600 ballons. Whew! Sigh of relief.