A Hills Reunion? Kristin Cavallari and Whitney Port Could Give the Project Legs

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bill-swift - August 24, 2011

Word is out that Whitney Port was asked about whether she'd be interested in some other contrivance of yet another Hills reunion and she was very open to the idea, at least after leafing through her appointment book and seeing nothing written down for the next three years. Kristin Cavallari has always said no to the idea of another Hills project, but, since her fiance dumped her at the altar last month, well, perhaps there will be a change of commercial hearts. In either case, both craptastic reality show alums took to the streets of the Hills of Beverly strutting their well-maintained bodies in between shopping and grooming sessions; the legs, the bodies, the valleys I'd love to explore. Perhaps not a reunion, but how about a group shower? Enjoy.