A Golden Girls Themed Restaurant Is Happening In NYC

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michael-garcia - June 21, 2016

I don't care what anyone says, The Golden Girls was a great show. You had four of the most brilliant comedic actresses in TV history all being post-menopausal, eating cheesecake, and loving it. Who can forget Bea Arthur's looks, Betty White's dumb St. Olaf stories, Rue MacLanahan's sluttiness, or Estelle Getty's feistiness? Now I can relive those memories in my own town with a new Golden Girls themed restaurant opening uptown. It will be called The Rue La Rue Cafe and will feature actual memorabilia from MacLanahan's estate. I imagine that Sofia's lasagna and Rose's Swedish meatballs will be featured along with a cheesecake to share with friends while you discuss how best to pull off a dress with giant shoulder pads. 

Betty White herself will be at the opening of the restaurant later this year. She is the last of the old girls still standing. She'll probably outlive me. So, take someone you love there and thank them for being a friend. 

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