A Charles Bronson Lookalike is Out for Justice, or Something, in Debut Trailer for ‘Death Kiss’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - September 18, 2018


The most miraculous thing happened yesterday when I saw a trailer for a movie that looked an awful lot like a Charles Bronson movie, scheduled to be released next month, and starring a Charles Bronson lookalike. The debut trailer for Death Kiss is everything a Bronson lover could want, and then some.

For the life of me, I can't understand how this movie is getting made in this day and age. This looks like something straight out of Cannon Films, which is sort of the point. I just can't believe there's a market for this movie in 2018. The film also stars Daniel Baldwin (seriously) and Kindergarten Cop's Richard Tyson.

As for the tight-lipped lead, his name is Robert Bronzi, and he's a Hungarian-born professional Charles Bronson lookalike. No joke. He makes a living in 2018 off of looking like someone who's relevancy peaked during the Reagan administration. Anyway, he and Death Kiss director Rene Perez made a film together already, titled From Hell to the Wild West. Here's a publicity still from that...

and a trailer, cut to Johnny Cash's cover of "Run On"...


Yeah, I need to see both of these. Death Kiss hits VOD October 2 and DVD December 4.