A Brief Tour Of ‘Sucker Punch’ Actress Emily Browning’s Hottest Pics

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aldo-vallon - September 6, 2018

Emily Browning has the kind of cheekbones that rich white women have spent billions trying to attain. They still haven’t quite attained them but, bless their hearts, they are trying. When you see the desired result on Emily it is hard to judge them for willingly transforming into mountain lions. Of course it seems worth the risk when you see the true potential of the human face.

You might think with cheekbones like hers they must be her defining feature, but you would be wrong. She also has lips so full that if I was a TSA agent I would definitely have her pegged as a drug mule. She could probably pack a couple grams of illicit substances in those luscious face pillows. It would seem like a lot of trouble to go through for just a couple grams. And the overhead would really cut into the profit margin. But I still think it would be worth it to thoroughly inspect them.

That is why I would be known as the world’s greatest TSA agent. Nothing would get passed me. I would also be known for having the most complaints made against me for fondling people’s lips.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Reddit