A Brazilian Prostitute Sort Of Proved She Slept With Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

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editor - November 7, 2013

This random video doesn't explain much of anything, other than even in Brazil, people are still assholes and don't turn their cameras sideways. But it's spreading like gonorrhea in a Brazilian whorehouse because people think this girl is one of the prostitutes that Justin Bieber took back to his hotel room last week. Still, there are so many questions, like why does this guy need to pay for sex? Why didn't this girl secretly film herself having sex with him? Is she even really a prostitute? I'm afraid we'll probably never know the truth, since I assume that she's dead. Not because she took this video, but because of anything else that happens in Brazil.

Edited to add: pictures of the prostitute, Tati Neves. Though for the purposes of Brazil not filing a complaint with the United Nations, let's call her a World Cup greeter.

Photo Credit: Tati Neves/Facebook

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