Elle Evans Knows How To Instagram And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Elle Evans‘ Instagram feed will melt your phone. (TMZ)

There is nothing like a sexy dark-haired girl with light eyes. (The Chive)

Kim Zolciak uses a waist trainer and creates massive cleav. (Huffington Post)

Talula Willis is just hanging out in her underwear. (Drunken Stepfather)

Rosalind Lispett in a bikini will make your day. (Hollywood Tuna)

Emily Ratajkowski is super leggy in a short dress. (Popoholic)

Sarah Underwood wears lingerie better than your girlfriend. (The Superficial)

Maripily Rivera Barely Covered In A Thong BIkini On the Beach In Miami

Maripily Rivera isn’t taken any chances of not being ogled this season on the beach in Miami. The full bodied Puerto Rican actress and model has all the makings of a veteran curvaceous superstar and she’s not going to let much of a bathing suit get in the way of all that. Perhaps just a teeny tiny thong.

It’s rather amazing really the amount of body one little bathing suit can keep from being arrested for indecency on the beach. But, oh, that body on Maripily is anything but indecent. Wait, that’s actually a good thing. And an eyeball popping explosion of sextastic spring melons and lady humps busting out to feel the sun. It’s like a symphony of body parts. Only, the kind of symphony men will sit through. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Former Teen Disney and CW Star Britt Robertson Topless Highlights the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Okay, so maybe it’s back to 80 and sunny here in Hollywood, but in the rest of the nation, the world, the Northern Hemisphere, global warming continues to keep things super chilly and the kind of climate that make you want to bundle up with your spiked cocoa and stay inside watching lovely lasses undressed in the moving pictures. Thankfully, we have a trio of suggestions for your visual wonderment weekend, courtesy of our flesh loving friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes a first time topless peak at kid acting star Britt Robertson now in her 20′s and showing off in Ask Me Anything on Blu-Ray, also on Blu-Ray the many sweet and lovely topless and full frontal ladies of Outlander on Starz, season the first, and second the second of the muchly nekkid series DaVinci’s Demons, both filled with so much skin, they ought to be considered national landmarks. Do check them out and enjoy.

And in the spirit of the season, that being the near fertile Spring, do not forget to engage your very own Ego-Discounted Mr. Skin Membership. You deserve to do something nice for yourself today and a 10-piece McNuggets simply won’t cut it. Get Mr. Skin, it’s tingly fun, virtually guaranteed.

READER FINDS: Morena Baccarin Topless, Emily Ratajkowski Ta-Ta-Licious, Abigail Ratchford Spilling Out Of A Swimsuit and Much Much More…

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Sometimes I arrive at the end of the week and I think to myself, huh, I really didn’t think I’d make it this time. But I have, and that’s reason enough to celebrate, as if more than one hundred photos of sextastic celebrities in various stages of undress wasn’t enough. And it is. In fact, it’s the better reason. There’s nothing more appropriate than a few million people sitting around a rather large camp circle and sharing photos of their most belusted famous ladies. I’m sure it’s in some British book of decorum somewhere. Keyword search it.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Emily Ratajkowski boobtastic behind the scenes of her SI shoot (thank you EgoReader ‘Aaron’), my common law wife Abigail Ratchford nearly spilled out of her white swimsuit (pleasures of the visual kind from ‘Starks’), Veronica Sanchez and Maria Lapiedra lusty Latina topless hotness onscreen (en fuego views courtesy of ‘Damon R.’), Samantha Womack topless blonde teats in Demob (throwback ta-ta’s via ‘Eugene’), Morena Baccarin topless in an overlooked performance (my brunette object d’ lust thanks to ‘Shelly T.’), Swiss radical performance artists Milo Moire topless in the German public (oh, art, how you amuse me, kudos to ‘Benji’), Lily Collins low cut little black dress wowzer (tingly feelings donated by ‘Justin K.’), Julia Frauche topless for Vogue (French lovelies by way of ‘Kent’), Emily Ratajkowski topless in GQ (party time funbag faptastic dropped off by ‘Stephen W.’), Cortney Palm topless palmettes (oh, Zombeavers, such happy mammaries from ‘Todd’), Celine Bonnier topless in an adaptation of real ta-ta’s (lovely thrilling visuals via ‘Handrut’), Bijou Phillips topless skinny love monkey in her star turning role (silver screen chest gems proffered by ‘Dave D.’), French uber-sextastic Berenice Marlohe in black lingerie (my my my’s brought onboard by ‘Jerry’), more Latina yams of gold in form of Bagriela Carneiro (en fuego focus made possible by ‘Darren’), Autumn Reeser topless in The Big Bang, indeed (missing Autumn thanks to ‘Carmela’), the delicious Anja Rubik topless for Lui (much ado about ta-ta’s from ‘David M.’), and last, but not even close to least in any way shape or form, the Nordic princess Amanda Seyfried lingerie wicked hot (tingle inducing capper produced by ‘Jenson E.’). It’s a lot, but I know I’ve trained you well. You can and will handle this. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Big Cleavage As a Busty Blonde in the City of Light

If Kim Kardashian isn’t ogle worthy, does she still exist? This is a riddle for the ages that we’ll probably never have the practical means to answer. Kim isn’t showing up to Fashion Week in Paris without some kind of plan to get more attention that the rest of the chic celebrity denizen. This time, how about blonde hair and a big set of yams visible through her see-through dress. That’s the ticket.

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, only keep the bad words away from children, but this woman knows how to get the cameras and the eyeballs pointed in her direction. She’s not boring, looking at least. They don’t pay the big bucks to the quiet mouse and there’s lots of competition. So curves and ta-ta’s and striking hair in revealing wardrobe is going to help pay the rent. Especially when your rent is like $60,000 a month. Jeans and a hoodie won’t cut it. I’ll take this gift horse without looking in her mouth, thank you kindly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Yara Khmidan Oiled Up and Dressed Down in Bra and Panties

I like a little bucking of the basics. Why can’t one wicked hot European model get oiled up for a lingerie shoot? Why only swimsuit shoots? If the history of alluring and prurient fetishes has taught us anything, it’s that it’s never the wrong time for an amazing looking woman to be shiny and slick. I can’t think of any really.

The unstoppably sextastic Yara Khmidan proves the point in this Georges Rech lingerie shoot. Bras and panties and hot warm baby oil, oh my. I may have imagined the last part with the warming, but surely were I running this shoot, the greasy liquids would have been heated to a gently warm 110-degrees Fahrenheit for maximum comfort for Yara, especially when applied around the panties lines. You don’t need a chill there. It ruins the entire mood. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Georges Rech Lingerie

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Cleavetastic Swimsuits for Esquire

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley isn’t a half bad looking lady. I’d probably let her take me to the movies on Saturday night if she asked me nicely, or if she asked me roughly and ‘the movies’ meant she was going to film herself abusing me in all sorts of sexually humiliating ways in her condo with the double sounded-boarded walls. Fifty Shades of awesome. I have the ability to cry on the outside, Rosie, most men can’t claim that.

The Britty hottie model did a basic little cleavetastic swimsuit pictorial for Esquire U.K, because these are the things asked of you when you’re ridiculously hot and look passion inducing in a swimsuit. Somebody’s got to fill this tough job. Rosie’s just the gal to do it. So much moxie, not to mention one perfect fine female form. The combo is deadly. Like staring into the sun, assuming you wanted to have biblical relations with the sun. I can take no more. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Esquire UK