Maripily Rivera And Michelle Lewin Sunbathe in Thongs

Talk about a triumph of the Latina spirit and body and badonkadonk. Maripily Rivera and Michelle Lewin both took to the beach in Miami in their own thong bikini options to sunbathe without tanlines and taunt the local oglers with visions of sugar plums dancing in their libidos. It really was quite the skintastic show of sun-drenched allure.

Maripily has become a legend in her own time for that rack that travels with her everywhere. We don’t usually get to see her in a bikini, but the veteran hottie simply does not disappoint. Nor does or could Michelle Lewin, the Venezuelan fitness suprema in his magical thumper lies the power to split the atom. Atom being my current pet name for my… again, sorry, the children. Suffice it to say these dos Latinas stirred up quite the tingling sensations for those fortunate enough to spend their weekdays in the Miami Beach sunshine. You may live vicariously through them. It’s really quite a hobby. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Ana Cristina Sandy And Topless Beach Front Sextastic

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There may never be anything finer than one sultry hot girl topless along the shoreline. Well, girls dependent naturally. But as far as sextastic models go, the folks at C-Heads know exactly how to spot the up and coming best of the best for one fine female form pose down at the ocean’s edge.

Ana Cristina exudes the sultry sextastic through every pore, clothed or bare to the gentleman ogling world. Her powers of passion inducement held in check only by the inability of the camera to deliver her to our homes and offices in person. That technology is still in the beta stage. I do hope they hurry. Virtual reality with real feel is going to make the latter half of this century so much better. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Michael Barr For C Heads

Megan Fox Cleavetastic Tank Top Standard Uniform on Set of TMNT 2

As if there was going to be a Michael Bay produced film that didn’t feature the lovely racktastic of Megan Fox. Not going to happen. Accentuate the positive, and all that sage advice.

From my review of the TMNT 2 filming to date, you can anticipate a healthy heaping of Foxy in tank tops and schoolgirls outfits and other various alluring wardrobe to help you forget you’re watching a movie with four dudes in plastic turtle outfits high fiving each other. It’ll probably work too. I’m not just a movie fan, I’m a sucker for anything Megan Fox in a tank top. I’d watch C-SPAN if she hosted it in something low cut. Foxy makes everything better, with this craptastic film series perhaps being the ultimate test of that theory. So far, I’m heavily on the buy side. She just has that special thing going on that make men do unwise things. Meh, ten bucks, could be worse. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Irina Shayk’s Booty Cheek Perfection In Tiny Bikinis

I feel somewhat remorseful now that I wasn’t around to cuddle and hold Irina Shayk after her soccer boyfriend breakup. I mean, I don’t feel bad for her, mostly for myself. The rebound is clearly my best shot at ever getting to braid Irina’s hair as we lay naked across a bed of plucked daisies. Not that I’ve ever thought of that.

Irina has laid low a bit since her split, though a body like this Russian model’s glorious form can never be taking off the line for long. She’s back and booty cheek flashing because the gods demand it. As do I, a less angel, because those hot bottom buns need to be seen, and felt, and quite possibly heard if you put your ear to them. Irina Shaky in a bikini is a thing of great beauty. You may cry now or however you express yourself at such sights. Either way, shut the door. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Selfie Magazine 

Linda Cardellini Bare Midriffs for MILFtastic Goodness in Sharp

Linda Carellini made a surprise, if not wonderful appearance in Avenges Age of Ultron as Hawkeye’s preggo wife (oh, tough, it’s been 10 days, spoiler alert). She was a bright bit of hotness in the film, a veteran thespianic of ER and Mad Men lore. While Linda was hardly a featured player in the Avengers troupe, she did get into a little complementary promotional exhibitionism courtesy of Sharp Magazine.

In the spread, the nearly Forties and Faptastic sweet beauty flashes some bare midriff and MILFtastic goodness for those of us who revel in the sight of the thoughtfully hot ladies. Oh, the things we could do when sneaking out of the PTA meetings early. I think I need to do a picture book. Linda, you look amazing. Bless you. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sharp Magazine

Colombian Teen Star Carla Giraldo All Grow’d Up and Topless in the Shower

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Carla Giraldo is a wonderfully hot representative of Sudamericana hotness and sultry teen turned adult actress goodness. Like most sextastic representatives, from time to time she needs to take a shower in nothing but a sheer white tee which makes for some rather graphically epic visuals of her wonderful all-over body. This isn’t how I’d recommend most of us do our daily cleaning routine, but if you happen to look at wicked hot and boobtastic as Carla, by all means, indulge. And don’t forget the camera.

Our friends down at SoHo magazine south of the equator certainly have an eye for local Latina talent. Carla Giraldo being their latest native daughter of film and TV fame they just had to share with the rest of the world. I completely understand the motivation. We who are blessed with the responsibility of sharing the fine female form blessings of this world are like the Night’s Watch in the solemnity of our vows. Only, instead of guarding the gate we kind of open it wide and invite all the good looking ladies in. I mean, c’mon, vows of celibacy are simply too hard. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Soho Magazine

Kendall Jenner And Hailey Baldwin Kiss in Leather, Gigi Hadid And Kylie Jenner See Through At Met Gala After Party

The young model and reality star girls got frisky at the Met Gala after-party where they showed off tons of skin and got downright catty because it was late and they were being silly and have a passion for having their photos taken, or taking them their own damn self if nobody is around to do so. The mix is quite stirring in terms of result. It makes me wonder if maybe I shouldn’t have a half dozen late teen models living with me at my place. Obviously, I couldn’t have any booze around the house to taint their innocence, but we’d find other legal means of doing so.

As anybody who’s ever been to a boring formal dress up occasion knows, it’s the young party girls in skin revealing outfits you want to hang with throughout the later part of the evening. I could explain to you why, but then you’d just feel sad about not knowing why in the first place. I’ll say this for the likes of Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, they do like to party. I suppose that’s not saying so much, so just revel in the visuals. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Instagram/Snapchat