Chrissy Teigen Slams H8ers Criticizing Her For Asking Daughter To Kiss Wasp

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Sam Robeson - July 26, 2018


It's come to this. Chrissy Teigen, who apparently is still with us(?), was so desperate for h8ers to clap back at that she prompted her daughter to kiss a scary ass wasp. A tarantula hawk spider wasp according to the always-reliable Internet. But whatever it is, basically, it's a goddamn scary-looking bug. Like one of the ones used as clickbait thumbnails on Around the Web sections of websites with the caption "Australia Sucks."

Except that Teigen actually was in Bali with her daughter and husband John Legend, where she filmed herself asking her baby if she wanted to swap spit with a goddamn scary ass-looking insect. In a move only explicable for a shameless social media whore on her last leg of popularity, Teigen tweeted the encounter with the caption:

time for another game of “what’s this bug!?”!

We all know that Chrissy Teigen is stupid. She might even be mentally handicapped. But even a severely mentally handicapped person, like, let's say, Jessica Chastain, could identify this as a goddamn scary ass-looking insect. Teigen was simply dredging the Internet for any h8ers left that give a shit about her, and once they reared their heads in slamming Teigen for being a moron, she clapped back hard. I imagine when she claps back she gets a rush so intense she squirts through her undies like a fire hydrant. Here are some of the h8ers:





And here's Teigen's descent into slamming:







"Oh dear here comes the fun." The "fun" that you elicited and then blew your lady wad to. I'm going to have to stand firmly with the h8ers on this one. I truly don't care if Teigen's daughter's face got stung and turned into a Gusher. But why is it that celebs get to do whatever the fuck they want to their kids without any repercussion from the mainstream media? If white trash YouTubers attempted this stunt they'd be chastised across every liberal website imaginable. But once Teigen tries to Steve Irwin her daughter with a wasp, it's suddenly progressive, if not just a tad endearing. If "what's this bug!?" is going to become Teigen's hit web series, then I have a couple suggestions for future guests. Possibly an adorable brown recluse.

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