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bill-swift - June 24, 2017

We would like to help you shake a load off this weekend and offer you up something exclusive! We were able to negotiate a very special deal just for our Egotastic readers, so you can party hard for 7 DAYS FREE! PlayboyTV has provided us with this special offer for a limited time so make sure you take advantage this weekend! There are a lot of things you can do this weekend, video games, cleaning your apartment or you could make a mess of yourself and enjoy the hell out of some Playboy hotness!

There are moments in life you just need to take advantage of and this is one of them. Not only do you get access to some of the hottest playboy models they have to offer, but you get it for an entire week FREE. We truly hope you make the right choice between spanking it to that old magazine under your mattress vs. this full week of amazingly hot women, who want nothing but to give you pleasure!

Take this time to enjoy something special for once in your life, lock yourself in the basement and go to town, this week is on us! We want to make sure you are always given the best of everything and never forgotten when it counts. PlayboyTV always comes through with the hottest babes on the planet, you know they take their time when choosing! We want you to burn it up and make your hands hurt this week but not your wallet, so make sure you squeeze it tight! One week goes by quickly, now is always better then later, this will not last forever!

We know you will do the right thing and enjoy everything PlayboyTV has to offer, because we will also be locking ourselves in this weekend! Get ready for a towel filled weekend, you might need a few!

Get full access now for 7 days FREE, you will not be disappointed.

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