7 Amazing Crashes Caught on Dash Cams (VIDEO)

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ross-merrill - July 26, 2016

This collection of motorcycle crashes caught on police dashboard cameras has been making the rounds, but why stop there? It’s fun to watch all kinds of different vehicles crash (assuming no one gets seriously hurt). Here are a some of the most thrilling and scary collisions captured on dash cams.

Spectacular SUV Crash

It’s a fairly empty highway on a quiet night when an SUV crashes right in front of the police car. Sparks fly and the police car has to avoid plowing into the wreckage. No chase here; the SUV comes out of nowhere.

Police Car Slams into Construction Equipment

The tree-trimmers working on a dark Ohio road didn’t put up any signs or flaggers (which is state law). All they had were two cones, placed just a few inches from the truck itself -- not very useful. So a patrol car at full speed just slams into it.

Amazing Collision From Three Different Dash Cams

This crazy accident happened in Russia. Three people were on a motorcycle and it appears the driver didn’t know how to handle the extra weight of the bike as the road curved. He rides directly into a car and everyone goes flying. The incident was caught on camera by a nearby car; the passengers were flung into the camera view of another car right behind; and there was a dash cam on the car that hit the bike. You’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Car Launches into Overpass and is Smashed to Pieces

Back to Ohio for this amazing crash. A speeding car hits the culvert in front of an overpass column and is launched into the air. It collides with the column and bursts into pieces. The police reported that, somehow, the driver was ejected on to the highway should and was “awake and alert” when they found him.  

Tractor Trailer Topples Off Ramp onto Highway

When you’re driving, you try to stay aware of dangers ahead of, behind you, and beside you. But what about a car coming from above you? A police car captured this terrifying image of an 18-wheeler falling over a connecting ramp onto the highway. The driver of the white van that almost hit the truck must have had the scare of his life.

119 Propane Tanks Explode

A Russian truck carrying propane tanks suddenly stops -- maybe a flat tire? -- causing many of its tanks to fall off. And just like in the movies, they explode, creating a wall of fire across multiple lanes on the highway. The driver escaped and no cars were near enough to be in any danger, but the effect is pretty amazing.

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