500-Watt Pumpkin Speakers Will Pump Life Into Every Halloween Party (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 1, 2012

No party would be complete tonight without these Pumpkin speakers. They're basically car stereos that have been installed into hollowed out pumpkins so you can get really in-theme for Halloween.

They pack a massive punch and deliver quality sound, owing to their 500 wattage. They'll only last a couple of days (or weeks, tops) due to their all-natural outer casings, but they would've served their purpose fully by that point.

Setting these pumpkin speakers up is no easy task, though. After carving the pumpkin, holes have to punched through to make sure that the car stereo parts fit. Once they're all fitted in, there's the matter of hooking up all the wires and making sure they've all been plugged into the right places. The photos in the gallery below offer a more in-depth look at the creation process, while the video above shows off the pumpkin speakers in action.

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