50 Video Game Tunes In Two Minutes Will Twist Your Melon With Metal

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chris-littlechild - September 9, 2016

  What does it mean to be a gamer? Some of us seem to have delusions of grandeur, and use the term to lord it over everyone else’s asses. You’re not a Medieval king gurning through prison bars at some hairy-assed captive peasant with the plague, so don’t call yourself the ‘master race’ just because you play on PC instead of consoles. Stop with the faux superiority already.  

But that just seems to be the way it goes. Oftentimes, you can’t call yourself a gamer without the terms hardcore and casual creeping in. Are you worthy of the name if you only play Pokemon Go and other lil’ mobile things? That depends who you ask.

All of that said, though, there’s no doubt that some of us take video games more seriously than others. This goes way beyond simply playing them, gents. You’ve got to get your butt involved. These are the gals and guys who spend hundreds of hours making fangames, drawing fanart and writing fanfiction. We’re putting the fan in fanatic, right here.

They know their shit, and they know it back to front. But do you? Test your own commitment to the gaming cause by giving this a listen. FamilyJules7X is known down YouTube way for metalling up video game music, and he’s put together a mashup of 50 different songs. It all goes by in two minutes, and is quite a mindeff.

Your mission, Ego-buddies, if you choose to accept it, is to hit play, look away so nothing’s spoiled, and see how many you can pick out.

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