28 Times Sophia Pierson Was Ivanka Trump Disguised As Barbie

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earl-jonas - June 19, 2017

Sophie Pierson is a sizzlingly sexy Instagram model hailing from the great country of Canada, but did you know that she's actually Ivanka Trump disguised as Barbie? Whenever Ivanka wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the White House, she pushes up her girls up front, slips into some sexy lingerie or possibly a beach-ready thong, and heads up North for some R&R. We're more interested in her T&A today, as Sophia Pierson AKA Ivanka Trump has truly marvelous melons and hips that don't lie.

Head to the gallery to check her out in all of her skinful glory. Wait, maybe this is Brandi Glanville dressed as Ivanka Trump dressed as Barbie. Whatever. Take a look.


Photo Credit: Instagram