24-Hour Burgers and Other Vending Machines that Serve Up Unusual Stuff

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bill-swift - January 19, 2013

It used to be that the only things you could buy from vending machines were gum, drinks, or condoms. That list has since expanded to include dozens of random gear and unusual grub that you didn't really think would ever make their way to a vending machine. We're all about instant gratification these days, so the popularity of these instant-product churning machines is pretty understandable.

The latest addition is the 24-hour burger vending machine, which promises to dish out hot (and obviously not fresh) burgers for the hungry commuter (or the lazy bachelor.) It seems like a neat idea--at first. Until you realize that you could probably skip the pre-packaged burgers and go to your nearest drive-thru instead for a prepared-on-the-spot burger.

Once you've dropped the necessary quarters and dimes for your burger, how about moving on to the next machine for some fries? Yeah, there's a vending machine for fries, too.

Whether you want to get married, grab a new pair of sneakers, buy some live crabs, or pick up a new bike, these vending machines have got you covered. Check out the gallery for the full list!

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