Sylvie Meis Pink Bikini in Miami

 I know sunglasses can really distort a face, but the pair that Sylvie has on are next level. I had to do a double take in order to ensure she was not actually Denise Richards. If the model of those specs ever gets out then there will be a rush of desperate dog-faced women, and perhaps some men,  to buy them who are eager to also be transformed into our beloved wild thing. Their endeavor probably will not meet with the same result, though, because one probably needs to start at a certain level of attractiveness. 

See, Sylvie is already pretty high up in the rankings. I would rate her a five or six on the looks scale. I am even willing to go as high as a six and a half if I am drunk. That is what makes it possible for her to reach the level of Denise Richards, who is a solid seven. Sylvie has that firm foundation that most other people, who are threes, do not have. 

With my shoe inserts and firm buttocks, gained by religiously performing my Buns of Steel exercises, I think I am at least an eight and a half. If I were to put those sunglasses on they would actually make me look uglier.     



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Photo Credit: Splash News 

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