See HBO's Stable Of Sexy Starlets

 HBO does a great service to our society and I do not feel they get the recognition for it that they deserve. There have been so many young starlets that wasted their bodies on basic cable, spending their prime years wearing clothing on some hack series. But HBO offers a safe haven for women to make the most of their goodies for at least a couple seasons. They are like a shelter for the abused who are running away from an alcoholic broadcasting channel. The price for room and board is just a little T and A. 

Granted, after being on the network for a little while they will get their confidence back and no longer feel compelled to bare the breasts that made them famous, but that is why we purchase boxed sets. Those breasts will be preserved for all time in season one of whatever show they were in, and that will have been before they were ravaged by gravity. (How terrible it must be for the women who missed the boat to show themselves off at their perkiest!) It is due to this steady stream of bustynance that I will continue to support them in their holy mission.    



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