Happy Birthday, Dancing Hottie Karina Smirnoff!

As you're well aware by now, there's no real reason to be watching Dancing With the Stars unless you want your male card pulled. It's hard to abide a show with so much glitter and sparkles and general swooshing. I'd never tell people what they should or should not relish in private, but I am allowed who I get to take camping with me. No DWTS fans.

That being said, a show filled with female dancers naturally has something to offer off the set. Such as Karina Smirnoff, one of the many petite hottie dancers from the show with that incredibly alluring and ever super fit dancer body. Something to celebrate on her birthday, or every day of the year when you might catch the swift of foot and lean of lithesome bendy body sextastic twirler in a bikini and such.

Happy Birthday, Karina. May your many dancing journeys someday take you to that club I visit off the Interstate with my roll of singles. I can't say it's as classy as its name, but the dancing to Aerosmith songs is very memorable. Enjoy.


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