The 2018 Oscars Honest Trailer is Honestly Hilarious (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - March 1, 2018

Every year the Oscars put together a list of Best Picture nominees that includes one or two movies that grossed over $100 million, and whole bunch of movies that the average person hasn't seen. This year, two of the films—Get Out and Dunkirk—fill that first slot nicely, while everything else fills the second. Screen Junkies knows this better than anyone, and they managed to put together an Honest Trailer for this year's Oscar nominees that's got inside jokes for each film, but can still be enjoyed by someone who hasn't seen them all.

I must admit, it doesn't really seem like they saw Phantom Thread, because they barely talk about it. All of their jokes are about Daniel Day-Lewis' notorious method acting habits. Come on, guys, that's the best you could come up with for that movie? It seems like they didn't know how to make fun of it, when there's tons of material there. Hell, they could've done a riff on that breakfast he orders at the beginning of the movie.

If you haven't read our Movie Therapy for this year's Oscars—and based on the comments section, you haven't—head on over there and discuss these movies with someone who's seen them all. Or don't. I'm not above being shameless.