The Very Best Booties From The OK! Beauty Awards 2017

Let's be honest, there are too many award shows. By a factor of something double digits. However, any time you can create an excuse to invite a bunch of super hotties to your venue and they agree to show up, that's more than enough rational to invent an award show around them. Trust me, I've been trying to get Bill's Naked Sextastic Ladies Awards show off the ground for years. Nobody shows up. I probably need to move the location away from my home address.

The OK! Beauty awards seem fairly loosely defined. But not so loosely that the hottie likes of Danielle Sellers, Amber Davies, Lauren Goodger, and Demi Rose didn't show off to flaunt their glorious front-sides, and equally if not greater hind-sides. Those magical booties in dresses designed to show off thumpers. Slits up to the waist accentuating both lady nest possibilities and booty allure, the double dipping of perfection.

The next time a schlub like me says we have too many fake award shows, punch him in the mouth. Though let me take out my Invisalign first. Those aren't cheap to replace. Any excuse, any time, for any reason, to bring together mammarial and seat-side blessed ladies in revealing gowns. That has to be the prime directive. Take it to the bank. Yeah, that bank. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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