Tania Marie Pimps Water with Perfect Red Bikini Pokies

Once you accept the fact that millions of people in perfectly water-filled lands are willing to pay a couple bucks for sixteen ounces of a universally available product, step two is to pimp the shizz out of your own signature line. You can't really separate water based on taste. It's water. It tastes like water. So bring in the busty curvaceous hotties and tie your merch to sex. Sex always sells. 

Italian model hottie Tania Marie took her turn promoting the designer water by way of a splishy splash and red bikini pokie bit of visual wonderment along the shores of the Pacific. Trillions of gallons of water right in the Mighty Big Blue, but she's holding the only bottle that counts. As if holding her bottles wouldn't be the destination of my own many day and night erotic dreams requiring plastic underpants.

There's something to be said for a sextastic Roman beauty with her headlights on full and her body on faptastic mode. It's not exactly bikini season in the Northern Hemisphere, but if Tania's willing to pretend, so am I. Oh so many naughty pretend games indeed. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA


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