Pia Mia Fishnets and Lingerie for BASIC Magazine Vibes Issue

 Due to the first photo of this gallery I was forced to wonder if Pia Mia was sending us pictures from the future. Chrome seems like such a futuristic theme that I think it is a perfectly natural jump in logic to make. The only times I have seen that much sheen on a body are on lifted trucks and in sci-fi movies. 

Luckily I retained the presence of mind to go on to the next pic and realized that she has a different wardrobe in every shot. Unless that is just what the Illuminati want me to believe. We all know they are not bashful in their flaunting in broad daylight of their power. Perhaps they sent Pia into the future to only get one shot into to brag about their abilities. I have certainly heard crazier theories. 

All right, maybe I don't have any "evidence" to support my claims, but you don't have any to disprove them either. I will call this one a draw in order to preserve your honor and maintain this friendship. I am merciful in that way, but please proceed in inspecting the rest of the pics in the name of being thorough. 


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Photo Credit: BASIC Magazine

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