Halsey All Nipples In Beverly Hills

Everyone knows that Beverly Hills is the place to be if you're a starlet on the rise, and it's definitely the place to be if you're a starlet on the rise and you want people to take pictures of your nipples. Why, just ask international singing sensation Halsey, who took a stroll with G Eazy with her amazing rack almost on full display. While it appears that Halsey is wearing some sort of something resembling a bra under her paper-thin shirt, whatever it is isn't doing a great job at protecting our eyes from Halsey's pokie-licious action. She must be so embarrassed.

I was in the car for a billion hours this weekend while visiting my parents for Christmas, and I happened to hear Halsey sing Bad At Love a billion times on the radio. And while according to the song we know that she is indeed Bad at Love, pictures tell us that she's Good at Nipples, and that's a tune we call all sing to.   


Halsey goes braless while out with g eazy in beverly hills3 5734e9dd 6 View Photos

Photo Credit: Backgrid

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