Hailee Steinfeld Is Red Hot For Her 21st Birthday

If you're being completely honest with yourself, is there any hotter sassy starlet than Hailee Steinfeld? This girl's career has gone from zero to one-hundred-and-sixty over the past handful of years, affording her ample opportunities to fine-tune her red carpet and sidewalk ho stroll looks thanks to ample party invites and pap attention. How were you dressing when you were twenty-one? I had made of habit of buying jeans at Walmart while going grocery shopping, so there.

Anyway, Steinfeld stepped out this weekend to celebrate her twenty-first birthday looking as literally red hot as ever in a fitted to death leather dress with matching red stilettos. I really couldn't name one song released by Steinfeld, and the only movie that I'm 100% sure she's been in is Pitch Perfect 2, but I will remember this bodytastic dress for the rest of my damn life. My point is that at only twenty-one-years-old, Steinfeld has figured out the ropes better than most of the celebrities out there, and I think we can expect a lot more Ego action from her in the future. 


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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