Good Lighting And A Fine Figure

  There goes Olivia, pretending she is a cat again. I can handle her sitting on the windowsill, but if she starts grooming herself then I am going to have to get out the squirt bottle. It isn't that I mind her doing it, so much as I mind the neighbors that flock around the window when she does it. They trample the bushes and it is a pain in the ass to replace them. She did it once before I caught her and then I had the neighbors kids coming over everyday for two weeks. How is a man supposed to be comfortable in his own house if people are peeping inside at all hours? And by comfortable I do mean nude, but you should have already assumed that. 

I do take the blame for part of this situation. I was the one to convince her to start going to yoga. Without that training she would not be able to get her legs up that high, or her head down that low. It is a precarious tightrope a man walks when he tries to shape his environment. All that being said, I still consider this one a success. 


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