Alice Eve Might Actually Get Me to Watch ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2

I've dreamt of the day that Alice Eve would make her way into a comic book franchise. Secretly I was hoping, as I'm sure all of us were, that she would take on the role of Power Girl in the DC Universe, but sadly they can't get their act together over at DC. So it looks like Alice will be playing it safe and going with Marvel, though she's sadly joining one of the worst Marvel properties around.

According to Variety, Alice will be joining the cast of Netflix and Marvel's Iron Fist for its second season. Arguably the weakest of the four Marvel Netflix series to date, Iron Fist follows the exploits of a rich white guy who gets super powers and then becomes a master of white guy karate. While there's no indication yet as to whom Alice will be playing, executive producer Jeph Loeb praised Eve by saying that, Her exceptional talent brings an intrigue and danger to her character unlike anyone else," which probably means she's playing a villain.

My money's on Black Mamba, since they've already introduced Diamondback and Cottonmouth on Luke Cage. Snake villains are gonna be huge in 2018, mark my words. Or not, who can tell? Any way, as bad as season one of Iron Fist was, I'd watch Alice Eve read the phone book, so I'll be tuning right back in.

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