Romee Strijd and Josephine Skriver Bras and Lingerie Top Hot Model Pimping

Romee Strijd and Josephine Skriver took their turns on the V.S. hot model before camera dance floor. All at the beach house where the lingerie merchandiser is shooting all kinds of boudoir wear and lacy underwear shoots for an upcoming catalog. I mostly pre-order myself based on grunts and moans into the phone to my sales rep. She seems to get my point and several hundred dollars worth of slinky female undergarments arrive at my home regularly. Though I'm still working on the floor models, those specifically worn previously by the angels.

Josephine knows she's being not so secretly photographed by prurient peekers and she simply doesn't care. For one, she's quite used to photo lenses being pointed in her direction now probably for the bulk of her adult life. That's hotness for you. Second, she knows she looks amazing and that kind of confidence leads a woman to not fear cameras, but understand the social good she's doing by allowing herself to be half naked and on somebody's digital card for later use. Quite the benevolent sextastic giving angel really.

Romee and Josephine, put me down for two cases of all that you're wearing today. I hope you guys take Diner's Club cards. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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