Rita Ora Is Lingerie Brand Tezenis' New Golden Girl

If you're a smart lingerie company, you hire the sextastic likes of Rita Ora to pimp your boudoir wares. If you're super smart, you give her a piece of the action to really put her heart and soul, and more importantly, body, into full promotional mode. That obviously includes getting on stage in shiny sheer gold underthings.

Rita Ora still sings, at times, I think. I can't actually picture her performing musically anymore. She may actually now be focused on her higher calling, looking crazy hot and encouraging massive reproduction activities of the human species. That body in tight shimmering gold headlight highlighting outfits certain kicks it off.

Lingerie companies all make pretty much the same product. The savvy ones convince you that you too can be a super model in their camisoles and panties. I know I buy a ton so it must be working. The shame closet needs constant updating for my fetish wants. Rita, please, come and model in my closet. Don't bring shoes. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram

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