Khloë Terae Is Celebrating 2M Instagram Followers The Right Way

You know what they say about pineapple... it’s the best fruit! ? @twinpalmsphuket_official #TwinPalmsPhuket

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Two million people and/or bots officially know who the fabulously forkable Khloë Terae is, and the international modeling sensation or actress or whatever is celebrating the occasion with some monumentally hot new Insta goodness. I mean, what is there to say about Terae? Or more like, what isn't there to say? The blonde bombshell has earned every one of her followers after appearing in every single nudie or almost-nudie magazine imaginable from Playboy to Maxim and even to Sports Illustrated. Terae's melons have their own gravitational pull, and her booty out-booties even the bootiest of booties. Natural beauty, talent, and an unrivaled, understated grace? Make that two million and one followers, Khloë.


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