Kara Del Toro Knows How To Show Off Her Assets

Kara Del Toro is the busty blonde that you need in your life, and isn't a stranger to showing off her amazing rack and banging bod in skimpy bikinis on the beach. In a rare move, Toro put on clothes for the Revolve Awards, and while I'm still dreaming of bikini, I'm not hating the insane cleavtastic action and sexy dress cutouts that flaunt off Toro's ab-tastic stomach.

If you're wondering who exactly is this Kara Del Toro, then you're not alone, because pretty much nobody knows. After some sleuthing I found out that she's apparently a model, but I'm sure that she would act or sing for a buck if someone asked her. Which I don't think they are. Which is a damn shame, because Toro deserves to be the A-listiest A-list around! Toro for Oscars 2017. Hell, Toro for president!


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