Juno Temple Sucks On A Cigarette Out In NYC

My love for Juno Temple is positively spreading like cancer thanks to these new pap pics of the sassy starlet puffing away on a cigarette while out and about in New York City. There's something about picturing the charred wheezing lungs of a hot young piece like Temple that really does things for me, and it's also a treat to think of that thick wafting smoker's breath. Oh no, I think I just made myself come!

The twenty-eight-year-old celebrity daughter of Temple Grandin has hit her stride in Hollywood recently, appearing in everything from blockbuster Maleficent to the new Woody Allen flick Wonder Wheel. She plays his fourteen-year-old lover. Kidding. That's Elle Fanning. Actually I don't know what the hell that movie is about and I never will. Now, get ready to be brought to fits of unbridled hormonal rage as you peek the smoke-tastic cutie in the gallery below. 


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Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram

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