Selena Gomez Maj Pokies For Lunch In NYC With Friends

 Do women get the same sense of embarrassment when they realize their their nips are visible in public as men do when they get a random boner? Even though it seems like an equivalent situation I doubt they do. Granted, the frequency of random erections tends to plummet once a man leaves his teenage years, so women do have more time to become desensitized to it happening. Maybe a visible camel toe would be a better comparison?

But men have their own moose knuckles and that seems like a much closer thing. It really does not seem fair that men have such a cross to bear while women have nothing comparable. And at least men enjoy seeing a woman's pokies. I have never heard of a woman seeking out a dude's pitched tent in the food court of a mall. I guess we have something else to mark down in the never ending battle of the sexes. Will this senseless conflict ever end? I am not sure how much more I can take. The things I have to imagine in order to rid myself of an unwanted erection are starting to take a toll on my mental health.   


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