Madison Beer Displaying Impressive Porportions

 I cannot quite place my finger on what it is about this photo shoot that makes me think this, but Madison Beer looks like she has been ripped from the frame of an anime cartoon. It probably has something to do with the multi-colored hair and extravagant set. Those anime shows always go way over the top with their colors, so it is fitting that they do it here as well in order to stay faithful to the source material--if that is what they were going for. It is nice to see just how faithful they remained down to the little details, like the size of Madison's knockers. Anime women tend to have unbelievable proportions and she is just the woman for the job. It is like the woman has an invisible corset on that is making her waist so tight. All that is missing from these pics is her throwing the peace sign up beside her face. An oversized sword or giant robot  would not look too out of place either, I suppose. But other than that, spot on.  

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Photo Credit: Galore Magazine

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