Kate Hudson Baring Cleavage for The Edit

 Here comes another photo shoot set in another era. I do not know what it is they are trying to sell, but I will definitely be buying. Is it possible that she is only selling herself? Surely Kate Hudson is successful enough by now that she does not have to resort to that. She should be leaving that to the young ones trying to make it in the industry and the ladies of the night that have already been kicked out. 

It almost seems a bit unfair to doll a woman up in that classy attire. What chance do men have to look away? This is like hunting on a nature reserve and luring in your prey with food. The animals, in this case the men, never stood a chance. What could against Kate Hudson looking like something out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald story and leaning up against a car most will never be lucky enough to see in the flesh. It just ain't right, I tell you. I will really be impressed when they start uglying her up a bit just to see how far they can go before we stop chasing after her. 


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Photo Credit: The Edit

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