Ariel Winter Hitting the Gym

 Ariel Winter must be hitting the gym hard considering how often she is posting workout pics. Unless she is only there long enough to snap a few pictures for her Instagram page. What kind of no good person would do something so deceitful? They would have to be pretty lousy in order to even think up a plan like that. I certainly would never drive two hours to a national park just to get a couple of pics myself and make it look like I have been "hiking" or "active". No, certainly not me. I do not even care about social media followers. What the hell is an Instagram anyway? Something that instantly corrects your grammar? That be much unneeded.

One cool thing about all these pics of her doing these workouts is that some computer nerd will be able to put together a stop motion video of her getting buff. Sort of like a training montage in a movie, only this will not rely on on fancy editing to make her look more unreal. So what are you waiting for computer guy, get to work. Everyone knows you have nothing better to do.  


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Photo Credit: Instagram

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