Sara Sampaio Hot Skin in Denim in The Big Apple

I can't begin to understand fashion trends, let alone why a sextastic woman would want to cover her gloriously gifted female form in clothes to begin with. I'm very into Garden of Eden stylings for the model ladies with the ridiculously hot bodies and passion producing looks. Nevertheless, when the goal of wardrobe is to tease and show off funbag potential, it certainly must be allowable.

Portuguese sweetheart and brunette stunner Sara Sampaio hit up the New York walking line of paparazzi in a little denin number that include a bra top show off the fruits of her never needing to labor. Such is the benefit of walking this earth with every man wanting to make babies with you. In or out of your jean outfit.

Sara probably spends way too much time getting ready, when her showered bare naked body is probably about as close to perfection as you might find. Such a waste really. It's why when we're together we'll be on permanent staycation. With even more permanent making of the sexy marathons. Mostly with Sara and me coming back every few hours between naps and Four Loko IVs to stay hydrated. I'm up for the challenge, Sara. Let's ditch the chaffing denim. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Splash News

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