Nicole Murphy Sports Bra and Spandex in L.A.

Close to entering the vaunted Fifties and Faptastic stage of her leer worthy life, Nicole Murphy keeps on keeping on with the sports bra and yoga pants as part of both her daily workouts and her lifestyle check me out look. The combo is fantastic in a veteran hottie with daughters in her 20's. There's always time for daughters.

Nicole is one of the elder stateswoman around Tinsel Town in showing how it gets done and continues to get done if you eat right, sweat daily, and were born with some blessed looks. I feel like I could get to one of those if I totally rechanged my game. Meh. I'd rather ogle Nicole Murphy in her Spandex. Earned, not purchased.

Nicole reminds us that the sextastic knows no one age or background or celebrity status. Merely the willingness to show skin and know that you're making men happy. Quite benevolent. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid

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